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TGA Intermediate - Drama Classes

Weekly drama classes, focusing on performance technique, confidence, creativity and personal development. These sessions are fun, energetic and interactive, and focus on the advancement of young students who are looking to be more confident in performance, public speaking, communication, and most importantly, in themselves. Furthermore, these term classes lay down crucial acting foundations in terms of theory, technique and practical performance knowledge.

Monique, Yr 8 Student  

"I have really, really enjoyed drama classes! One thing I really enjoyed was thinking of our own characters and drawing them. Another thing I really enjoyed was the 'coin exercise' when the detective has to figure out who has the coin, as well as splitting into groups and posing in a 'postcard'. I think that I could go on all day about things I liked about drama classes!

Rachael, Parent

"My daughter has loved doing acting classes with you. Your classes were definitely a bright spot in her week!"

Tuesdays OR Wednesdays OR Fridays

3:15 to 4:15pm

$100 Per Term

(Includes a $20 early-bird discount)

Email to request a permission slip. Details may vary term to term.

Private Acting Tuition

These classes are catered for all ages and abilities. They are detailed and personally tailored sessions for those wanting to go the extra mile and work one on one to develop their performance skills. Sessions include a personalised focus on necessary techniques, skills, and theory, as well as directed and filmed script work.

These classes can be booked individually, or as part of a package deal.

Liam, Private Student 

"My time with Fletcher has been nothing short of enlightening. In the brief time we've spent in lessons I have felt my ability increase exponentially, and not just in acting; I found it bolstering my self confidence as well. Fletcher is a patient, understanding, and knowledgeable teacher. I don't think there's anyone else better suited to the role than him, and I'm incredibly grateful for the opportunity to learn from and with him. I can't recommend his tutoring enough."

Hour long sessions

Email to book

$45 for a single session

$400 for a 10 week term

Improvisation + Team Bonding for Corporates

Fletcher is a nationally award winning improvisational actor, having won several competitions and festivals alongside his team of ad-libbers. The beautiful thing about improv, is how perfectly its practical uses translate into every day life - and more specifically - to working and interacting seamlessly as a TEAM.

These workshops are an ideal team bonding opportunity, perfect for end of year events or professional development, and it doesn't matter what industry you're in! This hilarious and interactive workshop will be unexpectedly challenging, and will focus on pushing people outside of their comfort zones - specifically to enhance their ability to communicate cohesively under pressure. 

Improvisation - whether you've done it before or not - is FUN, it's HILARIOUS, but above all, it is enormously BENEFICIAL in almost any practical real life environment. 


Have your team or workplace take part in a workshop they will never forget!

Jonty, Founding Director at Infamy Ltd. 

"Fletchers workshop was a delight to have, teaching our employees how to improvise without hesitation and create scenarios from the imagination of the mind. Fletcher showed real professionalism and was in control of the group the entire time. He made it both enjoyable and educational - which is a rare skill to have. I would recommend Fletchers classes to anyone who would like to further a career in communication, or even have a little fun learning great skills of improv. 10/10."

Andre, Workshop Attendee

"Fletcher's workshop has been a great way to keep my mind sharp and have a fantastic time with my colleagues while doing it. Stepping into a situation in which you can let loose creatively in an encouraging environment is a great way to grow. This workshop let's you do just that."

Day workshops - hours of your choosing

Lunch provided!

Email to get a quote today and book your workshop.



Vocals. Guitar. Piano. Songwriting.

Fletcher, alongside being a trained and experienced vocalist, is a multi-faceted instrumentalist.

He has been playing the piano since he was five years old, sitting Trinity College examinations throughout. The guitar came along at age eight, followed by the saxophone at age fourteen. Fletcher has an adept knowledge of music theory, and the practical experience to go with it. Furthermore, Fletcher has been writing and performing songs for almost fifteen years, using his instrumental skills on a daily basis to support his singing and artistic abilities. 

These private music lessons can be catered for any age, and abilities ranging from novice to advanced. Whether you've never played an instrument before or are looking to enhance your pre-developed skills, Fletcher has something on offer for you. Fletcher's engaging and personable way with others makes learning fun and interactive, although not at the jeopardy of education. He believes firmly in the importance of understanding not only 'what' to do but also 'why', making sure that any practical aspect of learning is strongly supported by a theoretical understanding.


"Everything becomes easier when you know 'why'. You'll able to teach yourself - and my job is to teach you to do just that."

Half hour or hour long sessions

Email to book

$50 per hour / $30 per half hour

10 week term deals:

$450 for 10, hour lessons

$280 for 10, half hour lessons

Lewis, Private Vocal Student 

"Singing lessons with Fletcher have been great. I was not exactly what you could call a singer when we started, and after a few weeks he was already helping me make incredible progress, through thorough explanation of techniques and strategies to use when singing. He always makes the lesson enjoyable and definitely something I look forward to. I would highly recommend his services to anyone who is keen to learn with any level of experience."